Astrological Consultations


List of Charts & Gifts


Astrological Birth Chart – A complete reading for one year requires your birth date, birth time & where you were born.

Fee: $300.00

If you do not have your birth time, there is a difference in fees due to extra work & time involved

Fee: $350.00 to $400.00

Mini Relationship or Comparison readings: Added to an Astrological Birth Chart

Learn more about the relationships in your life! Improve your relationship with partner or spouse, achieve greater understanding of your children. Help your business partners and coworkers to achieve greater synergy. Get to know your boss, or co-worker better just knowing their birth date, and birth time if known.

Fee : $25.00 per individual when added to an Astrological Birth Chart Reading.

Engagement Chart: A comparison chart for a newly engaged couple. A fun gift comparing their personalities, how they interact when it comes to money, & sexually. The best timing for their wedding, what style of wedding, colors and where to honeymoon. Wedding Superstitions & Poems

Fee: $250.00

Baby Chart: Great gift for the newborn baby. The chart describes the newborn’s personality, the baby’s interaction with his parents, the baby’s Numbers, Talisman & stones and Flowers, The baby’s name interpretation. An astrological poem & a list of celebrities born on the same day along with special events which took place on the baby’s birth date.

Fee: $250.00