Media Biography & Appearances


As the Astrologer to the Stars, Gaming Astrologer and Political  Forecaster Dana Haynes entertained at Merv Griffin’s Resort Hotel in Palm Springs, California. Every Tuesday night for three years Haynes delighted dinner guests with astrological anecdotes involving personalities in the news. The Palm Springs show was so successful she began entertaining at Merv Griffin’s  Scottsdale Hilton Hotel every second Thursday night in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Haynes was the Resident Astrologer at the C.N. TOWER, at the “Top of the Tower” dining room, in Toronto, Canada every Tuesday evening during the early 80’s.

Dana Haynes has entertained audiences with her radio shows in California and Toronto Canada. Guest spots on television news shows, and prime time investigative shows allowed her to show the accuracy and scientific side of the oldest science. Haynes’ thought provoking approach to future events keeps her audience and clientele coming back for more.

Haynes forecast the 9/11 event four years prior to the terrorist attack. On the Friday before the attack, at a local Palm Springs radio show, she forecast the event warning people not to fly to New York . Haynes forecast the outcome of the last three Presidential Elections air for radio and television programming and in client’s private readings. three months before results. All forecasts were taped on

Matt Drudge invited Haynes to guest on The Drudge Report January 24th, 1999. Great response came from the listening audience as Haynes talked about President Clinton, Hilary Clinton and Linda Tripp from an astrological viewpoint. Haynes was able to get at the truth of the President’s problems using astrology, and forecast on future probabilities for him. On the same show Haynes forecast the exact date the Yugoslav war would begin.

Her interest in Planet Earth, the Cosmos, and how an eclipse or comet affects earth changes led to forecasting earthquakes and volcanic activity along with storms, floods and drought. Haynes’ interprets planetary cycles, eclipses and solar storms to inform an online audience as well as her clientele.

Haynes’ passion for the ancient science of astrology brought forth work with quantum scientists, geneticists, doctors, politicians and lawyers.

Merv Griffin wrote about Haynes in his book Merv: Making The Good Life Last.

Scientist Dr Valerie Hunt spoke of Haynes’ work in her recent book Uncork Your Consciousness.

Haynes has written a book on her life as an astrologer, how astrology is used today, crime stories, politics and earth changes as seen through planetary cycles. Haynes forecasts world events  and looks into mankind’s past and future. The book, called The Soul’s Time Machine, will be released on Amazon’s website, April 2013.

Haynes hosted her most recent talk show every Saturday on 1450 KGAM Talk Radio – in Palm Springs, California

“Astro News” took Astrology into the public arena tackling News Headlines, Politics, Crime, World Events, Celebrities, Mother Nature and Sports. Rather than focusing on astrological readings for the listening audience Dana took the “spin” out of the headlines and presented what astrological cycles had to say. The show became number one in the ratings and the audience loved the lively conversation.

Prior To “Astro News” Haynes hosted her radio shows on …

KGIL-AM San Fernando Valley, CA
KIEV-AM Glendale, CA
AM-109 Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Guest Appearances

Radio Station
KWXY-AM Radio Cathedral City, Ca.
920AM Palm Springs, Ca
CBC FM Radio National Toronto, Canada
KPSI AM Radio Palm Springs, Ca
CBC – Toronto, Canada
CHUM-AM – Toronto, Canada
CFGM – Newmarket, Canada
CHUM-FM Q107 – Toronto, Canada
CHIN-RADIO Toronto, Canada
CKEY – Toronto, Canada
Santa Barbara, Ca
KBU – Malibu, Ca
KBBQ – Ventura, Ca
CKLY –Toronto, Ontario

A Glimpse Through The Veil
V J’s Corner
The Joey English Show
“This Morning” Toronto
The Joey English Show
News Interview
News Interview
The Ron Knight Show
Italian Talk
The John Gilbert Show
Talk Radio
Talk Radio
Tom Brown Affair
Country Talk

V J Hume
Joey English
Shelagh Rogers
Joey English
David Shatsky
Jeanie Becker
Ron Knight
Chuck Bridges
Umberto Munga
John Gilbert
Isaac Henderson
Vicki Johnson
Tom Brown
Jim Dillman
Andy McNabb

Television Appearances

CBSTV2 Channel 2, Palm Springs, Ca.
Ch.14 Thousand Palms, CA
Ch. 13 Palm Springs, CA
Ch. 3, Scottsdale, AZ
Fox 10 News, Arizona
CTV-TV Toronto
CHCH-TV Hamilton
Global-TV Toronto
CKCO-TV Kitchener
City-TV Toronto
Global-TV Toronto
York Cable Scarborough
Rogers Cable Scarborough
Wired City, Toronto, Canada.
Wired City, Toronto, Canada-Cable
Cable-TV California

“Eye on The Desert”
The Talking Stick
Joey Du Jour Show
Good Morning Arizona
Arizona Morning
Live It Up
Noon News
Morning Magazine
The Shulman File
Stay – Tuned
Scarborough News
Scarborough News
Scarborough News
Scarborough News
Watts World

Andy Adler
Mark Nichols
Joey English
Dan Davis, Tara Hitchcock
Rick, Ron, and Kathleen
Jack McGaw
Dan McLean
Bob MacAdorey
Tino Monte
Morty Shulman
Ed Allen
Bill Watts
Bill Watts
Bill Watts
Bill Watts
San Fernando Valley

Magazine / Newspaper Articles

Dana has written articles for the following publications:

Twenty One Magazine, Las Vegas, Nevada
Bottom Line Magazine, Palm Springs
Weddings & Honeymoons
Business Beat
The Desert Woman
Palm Canyon News
Palm Canyon Times
Angel magazine
Coiffure du Canada

Newspaper/Magazine Articles Written About Dana:

The Desert Sun
The Arizona Republic
The Scottsdale Spectator
Twenty One Magazine, Las Vegas, Nevada
The New York Post
Highlights Magazine
The Globe and Mail, Toronto
The Toronto Sun
The Scarborough Mirror
The Toronto Star
The Agincourt News

Special Appearances

  • Desert Spirit XII for the American Cancer Society in Rancho Mirage at I’ Veneto Country Club
    Lectured at the Renaissance Beverly Hills Hotel.


Haynes has written a book on her life as an astrologer, how astrology is used today, crime stories, politics and earth changes as seen through planetary cycles. The book titled

The Soul’s Time Machine will be released on in April 2013.

  • Haynes has contributed to the book Supersensitives for author Cal Orey.
  • Haynes is contributing to the book Forty Years in Fashion by designer Marilyn Brooks.
  • Haynes has written astrological columns for Canadian and American magazines, newspapers and internet websites.

Gaming Astrologer

Haynes is known for her accuracy in forecasting sports events and works with casinos to entertain clientele. Haynes has written articles and columns for gaming magazines. Repeat appearances at the “Mirage Casino” and “Treasure Island Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada keep clients happy. Working with representatives for “Caesar’s Palace” at a charity function in Toronto, Canada Haynes helped raise funds telling guests when to gamble and gaming habits by their astrological sign.

Lectures & Workshops

Haynes lectures on astrology, quantum science and the spiritual self. Haynes speaks to professional business groups, to school children of all ages, retirement centers and to church groups.

Haynes organizes and puts together workshops bringing together consultants, speakers and writers in astrology, intuitive awareness, science, art, dance & technology. The focus is on spiritual self improvement, magnetic waves and energy from the moment of conception to the afterlife

Working in conjunction with CKLY – AM radio in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada Haynes produced the “Central Ontario Psychic Fair” in 1990 – 4 days – 40 hours. Considered to be a huge success the show received television, radio and news print coverage and is now an annual event.


Haynes created hair design and color using astrology for the clientele of Salon Piaff, in Toronto, Canada. Haynes wrote articles on when to cut, color and perm your hair for hairstyle magazines in Canada.

Fashion Shows and Wedding Events

Haynes has worked with fashion designers promoting wedding parties, media events and as a show host tells the audience what style of dress each sign of the zodiac would like, the type of wedding, the flowers and color for the wedding party. If a travel agency is involved then Haynes tells the audience what the favorite honeymoon spot for the newlyweds would be. Working with the bride and the groom allowed Haynes to create a gift for the newly engaged couple, an Engagement Chart.

Engagement Charts

Haynes works up the comparison chart of a couple and tells them how they will interact as couple in a long term relationship. Several wedding dates are given to bring out the best in the relationship. Wedding ceremony, colors and style of wedding is suggested. The engagements charts are packaged in a keepsake envelope.

Of course this lead to Baby Charts

Baby Charts

Gift-packaged for the new little person the baby’s birth chart can be framed or kept in a Blue or Pink keepsake envelope. The chart consists of approximately 15 pages written especially for the new baby. The pages include the baby’s chart, the numerology for the little one, the flower, the talisman, a list of celebrities born on the child’s birth day and important events or inventions on this special day, the baby’s name has a distinctive meaning and is included in the package. With the individualized chart a special baby gift is included such as the gem talisman, a baby book or a plush toy.