Personal Biography


My grandmother, Alean Haynes would have me run to Cy’s corner store for ice cream, and soda in the afternoon. In the evening we would sit on her front porch with our homemade sundaes watching the moon and the stars. We would try to figure out how they got there in the first place. Whenever I look at the night sky I realize how much I miss her company. Between wishing on the first star of the night, seeing the big dipper, and the twinkling patterns in our sky my curiosity about our universe grew.

My mother, Hope Haynes, was interested in astrology, ancient civilizations and how life began. Our conversations were always about the meaning of life and mankind’s history. For one so young the two most important women in my growing up years seemed to be grooming me for my career as an astrologer.

My family history was filled with interesting characters. Great-aunts traveled with the circus reading tea leafs in someone’s  teacup, foretelling future events. They taught my Aunt Bobbie how to see a person’s fortune looking at tea leaf patterns. Aunt Bobbie had quite a following because she was right on the money. My aunt tried to teach me, but gave up when I kept seeing Superman or Tarzan in her tea cup. I was nine years old!

It seemed like everyone in my family could see the future except me. After my aunt told me I did not have the family gift, I kept wondering what the gift was. No one had explained to me the gift was psychic awareness, or the ability to see or sense future events.

Determined to see the future, I began reading everything I could on astrology, and numerology. I studied with various teachers. I practiced by interpreting the astrological chart of everyone in my family. The charts would almost work, but not to my satisfaction. Using every method in the textbooks to cast a chart, without using psychic ability, I found  the charts were not accurate enough. Finally an astrologer from Europe taught me a very old method to cast charts. The math was simple. One math step was eliminated, and suddenly the charts worked. I discovered the accuracy of the ancient science  of astrology required no psychic ability!

In time I became known for my accurate forecasting and ventured into the world of television and radio, live shows and lectures. In 2013, I release my first book The Soul’s Time Machine as I continue to forecast future events around the world.

When I was asked to pick the winner of the Gray Cup Football Game for Mel Profit’s Sports Show on CITY-TV, of course, I said, yes. Then wondered if I could! The night before the game Mel’s show was televised and I named the winning team with a 3-point spread. Suddenly my work and clientele list began to include politicians, businessmen, and people in show business.

For years, I would do a guest spot on television, or radio forecasting various events. One day the Toronto television show Live It Up asked me to do a 6-minute segment on 3 personalities without knowing their identity. All they would do is supply me with the birth data, and tell me if they were male or female. I agreed and during the filming of my part I took a guess at the names of the personalities. After the show aired the producer told me they should have done the whole ½ hour show based on me, instead of 6 minutes. The stars were amazed at what I knew about them, the public was surprised, and astrology proved it really does work.

Since the Gray Cup forecast I managed to follow up with the exact outcome of the Laker-Celtic games in 1985. I forecast the outcome of the Brazil-France championship game on my new radio show the day before the game. I became known as the Gaming Astrologer and I continue to forecast sporting events.

As an astrologer, I treat my client work professionally by keeping their business to myself. The clients come from a variety of backgrounds and professions across Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Russia, Mexico, Japan, Brazil, Nigeria, the Middle East and Germany.

I take my science seriously yet, enjoy the fun side of astrology. I have always tried to place astrology before the public so you understand how the science  is capable of forecasting for you. Astrology is about the astrologer interpreting timing and cycles in your life and in world events. Looking at astrology from a  practical angle  astrology helps you make important decisions using the best timing to move ahead in life.

In recent years I forecast 9/11  four years before it happened and kept forecasting the tragic event right up until the Friday before it happened. Everyone thought I was crazy until it happened. If astrology was understood properly in today’s world, maybe the event could have been stopped. Astrologers were known as scientists, we were part of the politics, religion, medical and agricultural decisions. At one point we were pushed aside by those in power and eventually relegated to gypsy parlor room readings. Despite the demotion astrology managed to survive, and continued to be used by those who understood its importance. Slowly astrology is regaining its former standing as the oldest science, a reputable well researched discipline.

Few people know astrologers ascertained the movement taking place in our universe, the relationship of the universe to our planet earth, and they understood it affected everything around us. When the astrologers told men in positions of power about their discoveries, the astrologers livelihood was threatened by them. The astrologers quietly worked on their new discoveries eventually establishing a new science  called astronomy.

There is no reason for astrology to be feared. The prophets of the Bible were knowledgeable in astrology. What is the Book of Revelation, but forecasting.

The forefathers of the United States were knowledgeable of astrology and used it for all important decisions. Few people know Theodore Roosevelt knew how to set up astrological charts, and would interpret the planetary aspects before staring his day.

First lady Nancy Reagan was criticized for using astrology, but if people knew who else used astrology there would have been no criticism. It works! Using an astrologer is the same as calling on any other type of consultant to get the best information for your decision making.

Hilary Clinton uses an astrologer, and when she was in the White House she held séances connecting her with Eleanor Roosevelt apparently asking Eleanor’s advice. The press nor politicians ever criticized Hilary for using astrology or holding séances.

Personally, I would take the advice of an astrologer because you never know who will show up in a séance!